There are several cosmetic surgery operations that are done on women all over the world today and one of the most popular is the breast augmentation procedure. This procedure basically improves the size and shape of the chest of a woman where implants are placed in strategic places. The material of these implants is a soft silicone material that is filled with either saline solution or silicone. Depending on the preferences of a woman, implants can be done in different shapes and sizes in order to improve the appearance of the woman.


Generally, it is the desire of the woman to improve the size of her breasts would motivate her to undergo breast augmentation procedure. Because of this dissatisfaction, women are prompted to visit a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in this kind of surgery.


Note that not all women can be ideal candidates for the breast augmentation procedure from this link. In fact, the doctor has to verify certain factors and consider these before recommending the operation to the patient. The condition of the patient will be assessed by the surgeon and necessary files are reviewed. It is the good health of the patient that is very important when assessing if the woman is a good candidate for the operation. Be aware that if some underlying conditions are found, these could hamper or prevent operation to be implemented. An example of these conditions that will cause concern to the doctor is the woman's heart condition. Another condition is diabetes, which can delay the breast augmentation process and may even prevent the operation from happening.  Other habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are to be managed well and stopped weeks before the scheduled surgery.


Another condition that the doctor will have to know to decide if the patient is a good candidate for breast augmentation procedure is the patient's age. Be informed that it is ideal for females 18 years and above to be considered an ideal patient for this type of surgery. Although minors can get consent from their parents before the doctor can consider them, there are plastic surgeons who will still decline a minor's requires for the operation and would recommend that she waits until of right age before asking for this type of operation again. Women usually has the possibility of growth as they age puberty and during puberty, thus the doctor would rather wait for this to happen before altering the natural characteristic of the patient.



Another conditions that would not be ideal for women to undergo this kind of operation are if they are pregnant or nursing, since these will compromise their ability to breastfeed. Also, when a woman is pregnant or nursing, there are many changes that are happening to the breasts that breast augmentation procedure may impede or distract the natural development that go together in being pregnant and when breastfeeding, click here to get started